Digitex (DGTX) launches zero-fee spot exchange

Cryptocurrency futures exchange Digitex is launching a series of spot markets to capitalise on demand during a ferocious Bitcoin bull market

Digitex, the world’s first zero-fee crypto futures exchange, has upgraded its offer this week, launching spot markets to enhance the trading experience and make onboarding new users to the exchange much easier.

From April 15, Digitex users can instantly buy, sell, and withdraw cryptocurrencies with zero fees starting with the following trading pairs: DGTX/BTC, DGTX/ETH, ETH/BTC, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, and DGTX/USDC. 

Digitex’s long-awaited spot exchange will allow traders to buy DGTX easily, securely, and without paying commissions or having to use a third-party exchange.

Traders looking to avoid the volatility of holding their profits in Digitex’s native token can also choose to  convert their funds to popular stablecoin USDC if they wish. And they can enjoy the convenience of trading spot and futures from within Digitex’s universal trading wallet.

Digitex CEO and founder Adam Todd commented: “We want to offer our traders an experience they won’t find anywhere else. So, not only have we removed ALL fees, zero trading, and zero withdrawal fees, but we’ve also really improved our UX and UI on this latest release.

By allowing traders to trade cryptocurrencies and futures from one universal wallet, they can interact with our markets in a faster and more convenient way that’s delivering real value to users.” 

Digitex released its futures beta platform in November 2019 and then later launched its mainnet in July 2020.

It hasn’t always been an easy ride for Digitex since inception, but that doesn’t detract from its many successes, such as the stellar performance of its matching engine.

Battle-hardened on live markets with hundreds of thousands of users, the platform has proven itself capable of handling over 22 billion trades in a 24-hour period: setting itself at a high industry standard when it comes to handling crypto’s infamous volatile periods.

The Digitex platform also provides some extremely valuable tools—such as our liquidity mining program which pays its users 290 DGTX rewards every minute for trading while ensuring high liquidity on the exchange.

Its one-of-a-kind zero-fee model, powered by the DGTX token allows traders to pursue high-frequency trading strategies and keep 100% of their profits. This is why many traders are making Digitex their platform of choice during 2021’s raging bull market. 

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