Digitex Futures now allows for zero-fee trading on ETH/USD

Digitex Futures has added a new market on its exchange with ETH/USD being added following a successful public launch a the end of July

Digitex Futures launched to the public at the end of July with just one market, BTC/USD perpetual swap. Now, after a few weeks of finding its footing and garnering a growing user base, it has added the ETH/USD market for its traders. Both markets are available commission-free and are showing traders how they can diversify their strategies when they’re not hampered with the burden of paying commissions on every single trade.

Digitex Futures is steadily growing 

The launch event that kicked off the grand opening of the exchange saw a line-up of crypto royalty interviewing with Adam, trading on the exchange, and sharing their thoughts on the zero-fee one-click trading platform that Digitex had built. The feedback that the platform has received so far from both pro and novice traders is extremely encouraging.

Some of the best-known traders in the space including ReadySetCrypto’s Doc Severson enthused over Digitex’s trading ladder, commenting that it was the only exchange to bring the traditional futures ladder into the crypto space. Other influencers and traders such as Trader Cobb also congratulated the team on their achievements and even created their own educational content to help users learn to trade on the platform.

Since then, the exchange has been steadily growing, and is now gearing up to put the foot on the accelerator in September, not only with the introduction of the ETH/USD market but with additional markets as well and the launch of Digitex’s brand new white paper, detailing the exchange’s ambitious plans for the project in the years ahead. 

“We are only just getting started now with a zero-fee futures exchange,” Adam Todd, CEO and founder of Digitex Futures told Coin Rivet. “When people find out all the projects we are currently working on and all our plans to grow the utility of the DGTX token, they’re going to be blown away.”

More markets to come including gold and S&P 500

“ETH/USD is just the second of many more markets that we have coming out this month,” Adam added, explaining that Digitex will also be offering XRP against the USD and also traditional markets including gold, oil, and the S&P 500. 

Given the high volatility experienced in traditional markets due to rising global tensions and the economic effects of the pandemic, traders will likely be able to capitalise on the certain volatility to come, particularly in the runup to the US presidential election.

“We will be the first exchange to offer both traditional and crypto markets completely commission-free all easy to trade on a single-click trading ladder,” Todd explains. “We believe that many crypto traders want to gain exposure to traditional markets and we are happy to offer them a platform to do this that is built in their interests and is completely commission-free.”

For anyone who has been following the Digitex project, you’ll know there’s certainly never a dull moment where this young startup is concerned. It will be interesting to see how quickly Digitex can regain momentum and the effect of these additional markets to both the token price and its user base.

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