Digitex Futures sets date for launch of Bitcoin futures exchange

Digitex Futures has confirmed plans to launch the 'first-ever commission-free' Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum futures exchange in December

Digitex Futures is set to launch the ‘first-ever commission-free’ Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum futures exchange in December.

The aim is to incorporate elements of a decentralised exchange, allowing users ownership of funds while trading, with the successful elements of a centralised exchange, notably the speed and user interface.

The UK-based company raised $5.2 million in an ICO at the turn of the year, selling out its allocated tokens in just 17 minutes. Interest in the project has also been widespread since it started trading on exchanges; rising from as low as $0.005 with a market-cap of $4 million in July to as high as $0.16 with a market-cap of $111 million, making it one of the most successful cryptocurrency projects in terms of price in 2018.


The platform has an order matching engine that will allow users to place a trade in real-time. This will ensure traders don’t get caught out by the volatile swings of cryptocurrency, relating back to the importance of trading with speed and efficiency.

The use of Digitex’s native currency, DGTX, enables the exchange to remove commission fees for traders.

Speaking during Malta’s Blockchain Summit, CEO Adam Todd, said: “Digitex is changing the game. We had an immensely successful ICO, so we know that demand is high for our platform. Seeing the token price climb over the last few weeks is further confirmation of all the support in our community and the belief in what we’re doing.

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