DLive joins BitTorrent ecosystem

BitTorrent has announced the acquisition of decentralised live streaming platform DLive as it begins to migrate to the Tron blockchain

Decentralised video streaming platform DLive has joined the BitTorrent ecosystem and is in the process of migrating to the Tron blockchain.

The blockchain-based project is built using the Lino network which is a video content distribution system. Its focus is to provide fair compensation to content creators for their work.

It rose to popularity during 2019 after the world’s biggest YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg joined it. Within two months of moving, the site saw an active user spike of 67% as it hit the five million mark.

BitTorrent – which was acquired by Tron master marketeer Justin Sun last year – has announced that DLive will now be joining its growing ecosystem.

The platform will be advertising its services through BitTorrent while also using it for storage.

The pair will be collaborating to bolster products and services with BLive (BitTorrent’s own streaming platform) set to merge with the newly acquired project.

DLive will start utilising the ‘BitTorrent File-Sharing System’ (BTFS) – a distributed file sharing and storage system – to enable its content to “truly move towards decentralisation”.

BitTorrent boasts an impressive 100 million active users each month who can now tap into DLive’s services and help cement “the live streaming giant as one of the largest in the world”.

“DLive is one of the best real-world examples of what is possible when you combine blockchain and digital media,” said Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent.

“DLive is a great solution for live media producers. Think of how valuable live streaming content is already to centralised social media platforms who take ownership and advantage of their users’ hard work. We look forward to DLive bringing value to the entire world with the addition of TRON and BitTorrent’s global community of passionate creators.”

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