DLive’s monthly active users up 67% in Q2

Decentralised streaming platform DLive has seen a remarkable 67% growth in monthly active users in Q2 2019

Decentralised streaming platform DLive – which leverages blockchain technology – saw a remarkable 67% growth in monthly active users for Q2 2019.

The news was announced on the Streamlabs blog page. Streamlabs is one of the most popular tools used for streaming content. The company is now collaborating with DLive to share its active user stats.

In May, the streaming platform had 5 million monthly active users, marking a 67% increase compared to the previous month. Furthermore, its Q2 daily active users increased 600% compared to Q1.

3.2 million hours of content was streamed in Q2, with a total of 34.2 million hours watched by users, showcasing the explosive growth of the platform.

Pewdiepie draws in viewers

Earlier this year, Coin Rivet reported that Pewdiepie – the world’s biggest YouTuber – announced he would be streaming exclusively on DLive.

Pewdiepie’s influence has brought a lot of viewers to the platform, particularly on June 7 when he teamed up with popular streamer Ninja to play Fortnite for Keemstar’s FridayFortnite.

During the 170-minute live stream, the channel peaked at more than 168,000 viewers, with an average of 129,000 viewers at any given time. As a point of reference, Pewdiepie’s first stream on DLive peaked at more than 80,000 viewers.

Even more remarkably, there are only 147,000 unique channels on DLive, meaning Pewdiepie and Ninja teaming up drew in more viewers for one stream than there are unique channels streaming content on the platform.

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