Dominic Frisby brings his crypto analysis exclusively to Coin Rivet

STARTING TOMORROW: Hugely successful writer, comedian, actor and financial genius delivers his unique insight into the world of cryptocurrency every week - only in Coin Rivet. Stay tuned!

He’s a renowned stand-up comedian, an actor, voice-over artist, had his own TV show and wrote a successful book about Bitcoin which Sir Richard Branson described as ‘great’, but now Dominic Frisby can add ‘Coin Rivet contributor’ to his already impressive CV.

Starting tomorrow, the prolific voice actor and popular comedian will be drawing on his vast economics experience to deliver some of the sharpest financial insight in the business.

He’ll be talking us through his triangle theory for Bitcoin – a simple way of knowing when to buy and when to sell coins. Momentum indicators – are they any use?

Where is Ethereum going?

Looking at Ethereum, Dominic will talk us through what the future holds – where will it end up, and how can we catch it at the right moment. He’ll also explain what effect ICOs are having on Ethereum’s support lines.

Ripple comes under his gaze too, but where does he see the gross settlement option going?

There are some fascinating hints and tips for followers of the better-known altcoins too. So look out for the Dominic Frisby page tomorrow, only in Coin Rivet – your wallet might appreciate it!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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