Dragonchain partners with MetroEDGE to bring blockchain to developing cities in the US

Blockchain enterprise Dragonchain has struck a deal with MetroEDGE to bring computing and blockchain technology to underserved cities in the US

Seattle-based blockchain start-up Dragonchain has partnered with MetroEDGE to bring blockchain and computing services to developing inner-city areas throughout the US.

MetroEDGE is a data centre operating company focused on building a national grid of high-performance micro data centre computing facilities.

Their partnership with Dragonchain will bring their services, coupled with blockchain initiatives, to “underserved” cities in the US.

“This groundbreaking partnership bridges the digital divide in inner-cities,” said MetroEDGE COO Jeremy Diamond, as quoted in an official blog post.

“Dragonchain provides real enterprise business solutions. Combined with our unique high-performance computing, storage, and security technology, we are creating an exclusive capability.”

The partnership will help create blockchain and computing-based jobs as well as provide education services to local community colleges.

It will also “accelerate Industry 4.0” by utilising Dragonchain’s secure and scalable architecture in tandem with MetroEDGE’s high-performance computing grid.

The platform will ultimately serve the IoT, healthcare, and supply chain sectors, with functionality allowing companies to use it as a “full-stack solution.”

“This partnership is strategic, as it combines the power of high-performance computing and the scalability of our blockchain technology in one solution. It ignites a very broad range of blockchain applications, focused on total privacy and speed,” said Filip Hantson, vice president of strategic business development at Dragonchain.

Dragonchain has been one cryptocurrency that has continued to develop during the gruelling bear market. In November, Coin Rivet reported on the company’s release of L5 nodes and a proof-of-existence protocol.

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