EDITORIAL PICKS: Here are the stories that pricked up our keen news ears this week

A review and explanation of all the important articles from the last seven days as seen through the eyes of the Coin Rivet newsdesk

Yet another busy news week here at Coin Rivet HQ and, if I may be so bold, another record-breaker in terms of the number of articles we’ve published and how many of you are looking at them.

So what have we been writing that’s caught everyone’s eye? Let’s take a look…

First up it’s Dominic Frisby’s Crypto Focus from Monday. What a way to kick off the working week – Dominic assessing “this bear market is nearer its end than its beginning”.

It’s a bold statement, and one which many agree with. And so they should – Dominic Frisby has been doing this weekly focus for three weeks, and he’s getting it spot on each time.

Win a free Bitcoin…

How’s this for a story? The world’s best news and information website for the global blockchain and cryptocurrency community giving away a Bitcoin! Oh wait, that’s us!

No catch, no con. Just a genuine prize draw like you might get at the village fete but, in this case, you get to walk off with an actual Bitcoin and not an out-of-date bottle of sherry donated to the tombola by the church warden’s wife.

Malta’s government offering free booths to start-ups…

Meanwhile, back in Malta, the tiny island produced yet another excellent story earlier this week… the government there is giving away 40 free booths to start-ups.

This really is a fabulous initiative and the Government of Malta deserves massive praise for it. Start-ups in this space need exposure more than anything else, so to offer this at one of the biggest blockchain events in the world is remarkable.

I can’t praise the Maltese Prime Minister – Joseph Muscat – enough over this, and we’re really looking forward to interviewing him in November. We’re hoping to catch John McAfee for a chat as well – hopefully over a bottle of wine (or two), and as long as he’s paying (I’ve bought houses for less cash than his lunch bill!).

Staying in the political arena, another story that really caught my eye this week was Philip Hammond acknowledging that blockchain could resolve the Irish border issue…

Another article grabbing our attention was the latest Irina Litchfield column. She bravely raises a very valid point about some of the many conference and events we all attend in this space…

This issue can’t be ignored. Many people in this space fight hard to be independent – and there’s no exception here at Coin Rivet where we’re proud to have no ties to anything other than uninhibited journalism.

Irina is absolutely spot-on. I find my head sinking slowly into my shoulders when I go to a conference where some of the speakers have clearly paid for their moment on the soapbox. Stay classy – keep your agenda off the agenda!

The tipping point is near…

Ripple’s Cory Johnson created a whirlwind in our story from Wednesday when he declared we’re close to mass adoption.

Not everyone agrees – and, personally, that includes me – but I don’t think Johnson is far wrong. The tipping point is getting closer by the day, but I suspect it’ll be a few years away yet.

Finally, when John McAfee speaks, the inhabitants of the contiguous lands of Blockchain and Crypto listen. So that’s why this story makes it into the editorial picks…


Let’s face it, this space would be poorer and much less fun without John McAfee. He’s right about blockchain too, there can be little argument about that.

Now, John, how about that interview in Malta?

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