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Eleven01 establishes blockchain association with Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society

The company will work with the government of Andhra Pradesh to build a blockchain community in the state

Hyderabad, 5th December 2018 – The team behind Eleven01, India’s first native blockchain protocol, has announced an association with the Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradesh to explore the growth and potential of blockchain technology in the state. The two teams will work together towards creating a community of blockchain startups in Andhra Pradesh.

The Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society (APIS) is an organisation working towards creating an exceptional technology startup ecosystem by fostering entrepreneurship and a culture of innovations that can pave the way to increased knowledge, wealth, and employment in the society.

In association with Eleven01, the organisation will explore the prospects of blockchain technology through events, activities and mentorship programmes to nurture talent and develop a community. The alliance will focus on fostering the creation of the finest blockchain development ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh.

“We truly appreciate what the Eleven01 team is trying to do and we are happy to associate with them to bring advanced development and innovations with regard to the blockchain realm in the state,” said J A Chowdary,  IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is among the early adopters of blockchain technology. It has been using it for land records and in the transportation sector for streamlining the titles of vehicles. This association will put the state on the front line of being a blockchain hub in India while also creating job and learning opportunities for thousands of individuals.

“The association with the government of Andhra Pradesh is quite invaluable to our team. We visualise India to be a blockchain-hub and the support from the state here brings us a step closer to achieving that. Together, we will contribute towards the development of the best blockchain-ready talent pool and innovations in the state,” said Ramachandran Iyer, President & Chief Product Officer, Eleven01 Foundation.

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