Elliptic makes high-profile hires to senior leadership team

The two new hires have over 40 years of experience between them

Cryptocurrency intelligence agency Elliptic has hired two new members to its senior leadership team.

Christopher Scoggins, a former senior executive at Oracle, has become a member of Elliptic’s board of directors, with Dustin Dean joining in the newly created role of chief revenue officer.

Elliptic’s press release says Scoggins brings more than 20 years’ experience building technology companies.

Dean has 20 years’ experience in SaaS technology, including 13 years at LivePerson – a provider of cloud-based mobile and online business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging solutions.

James Smith, co-founder and CEO of Elliptic, said: “As an entrepreneur and an early-stage investor, Chris has been involved in building many successful software and data businesses from scratch over the last 20 years.

“We are excited to add his experience and expertise to our company, which will help as we continue our expansion into new markets to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency intelligence gathering across the globe.

“As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in usage, Dustin’s extensive experience at bringing on board new customers and working in different international markets will be essential to delivering our core mission of making digital money safer to use.”

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Scoggins, who managed global revenues, partnerships, and strategy for Oracle Data Cloud, added: “At Datalogix, we used proprietary data sets and machine learning to predict consumer preferences – basically, what brands and products are you interested in at a given moment in time.

“Elliptic is using very similar techniques and strategies to answer a different set of questions, such as how financial institutions and regulators score and manage the various risks associated with crypto assets – almost like a credit score for the global crypto ecosystem.

“This is a big idea.”

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