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Enhanced usability for decentralised wallets as Atomic Wallet joins FIO

Decentralised wallet for atomic swaps joins interoperability drive in a move that will facilitate crypto usability and increase adoption

Denver, CO. 13th August 2019 – Atomic Wallet, the decentralised multi-currency wallet that uses atomic swaps, has joined the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) in a move to increase convenience for existing crypto users and accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

As the newest member of FIO, Atomic Wallet joins a consortium of 24 other leading wallets and exchanges in the crypto ecosystem, including Enjin Wallet, Binance’s Trust Wallet, BRD Wallet, ShapeShift, MyCrypto, Edge Wallet and Coinomi Wallet.

“Atomic Wallet is honoured to join FIO in its mission for crypto usability. We are excited for a decentralised, cross-platform service that will help make lives much easier and more convenient for crypto users, and we’re delighted to be joining such an impressive array of projects in helping achieve mass adoption,” says Konstantin Gladych, CEO of Atomic Wallet.

The FIO Protocol is a decentralised service layer that enables several major usability features across any blockchain, token or coin. This includes functionality that puts an end to the need for a 64-character gibberish alphanumeric string to transfer crypto, integrated request for payment workflow that virtually eliminates errors when sending crypto, and standardised metadata that provides context for the purpose of a transaction. Future roadmap items include subscription billing, multi-signature routing for security and cross-wallet data visibility.

“It is great to welcome Atomic Wallet as the newest member of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability. This project is working to ensure crypto users can securely store and exchange coins and tokens in a decentralised manner. Its mission to make life easy for users is totally in sync with our own mission to make moving coins and tokens easier and less risky, and we look forward to the insights and strategic support they can provide,” says David Gold, Founder and CEO of Dapix, the team behind the protocol’s development.

Atomic Wallet is a universal cryptocurrency wallet with decentralised atomic swap exchange. Released in 2018, it now supports any ERC20 and BEP2 tokens with around 100 – 200 cryptocurrencies in a default list, and is available across all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian.

Atomic Wallet’s decentralised Atomic Swap Exchange allows users to proceed with cross-chain exchanges while avoiding third party risks. Its strong encryption and custody-free solution means that private keys are encrypted and never leave a user’s device. As it is a decentralised solution, users do not need to engage with platforms that require AML/KYC checks, thereby preserving their anonymity.

FIO sits alongside all other blockchains providing a decentralised layer of messaging, communication, and workflow about the sending of value on those blockchains. FIO does not send crypto value – it makes the sending of value on any blockchain better. Additionally, FIO is not a wallet – it enables all wallets to be safer and more user-friendly.

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