Enjin and Changelly announce EnjinX featuring Changelly Explorer

Enjin and Changelly have announced a new milestone in their partnership with the release of EnjinX featuring Changelly Explorer

The Enjin and Changelly partnership has reached a new milestone with the announcement of the new EnjinX blockchain explorer exclusively customised for Changelly.

Enjin is a blockchain ecosystem developer which builds user-first blockchain products that enable anybody to easily create, manage, store, trade, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets.

Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange which acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users and offers more than 100 different crypto-assets.

The partnership between the two companies was announced early in 2019. The collaboration between the two began with the integration of Changelly’s instant exchange feature in the Enjin wallet interface.

The integration enabled 500,000+ Enjin wallet users to swap their tokens for the vast array of crypto-assets offered by Changelly and vice versa.

New development

EnjinX is a user-friendly blockchain explorer for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens that aims to support other popular blockchains to become the first universal web application.

With EnjinX, users can search for data stored on the blockchain including transactions, addresses, blocks, and coins within seconds. It also boasts multilingualism and an ad-free, user-friendly UI (user interface).

The Changelly-branded blockchain explorer powered by Enjin is now available.

According to Changelly’s announcement: “The direct link will now be added as the final step of the Changelly exchange procedure for all ETH (Ethereum) and soon to be added ERC-20 tokens too.”

Sasha Kolesova, director of PR at Changelly, commented: “Starting with the integration of the instant exchange feature inside the Enjin wallet, we extended our business relationship with the branded blockchain explorer powered by the EnjinX team.

“Such a fruitful partnership drives the industry forward and speeds up cryptocurrency mass adoption around the globe.”

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