Enjin hires co-owner of leading Minecraft server as new COO

Enjin has announced that Caleb Applegate, the co-owner of one of the largest Minecraft servers, has joined the firm's ranks as chief operating officer

Enjin has hired Caleb Applegate – the co-owner of the leading Minecraft server ‘Mineplex’ – as its new chief operating officer (COO), according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

The Mineplex server is one of the world’s largest currently active Minecraft servers. Applegate is also an official partner of Minecraft.

“While there is no mention of plans for Mineplex to adopt Enjin’s platform, having a prominent figure join the company shows confidence in the technology being built by the Enjin team,” writes Enjin.

Applegate is a successful entrepreneur and an established business leader with more than a decade of operations and consulting experience.

He has previously worked closely with leaders within the gaming, entertainment, and digital industries.

Serving as the new COO, Applegate will be tasked with optimising Enjin’s leadership, organisational structure, and team synergy.

Applegate will remain as the co-owner of Mineplex, but he has transitioned out of his daily duties to allot more time to his new role.

“I’m thrilled to join the Enjin team in the capacity of chief operating officer,” says Applegate.

“As we continue to move forward with the advancement of the Enjin ecosystem, our team’s ingenuity, innovation, and focus have become a strong basis from which we are pursuing many exciting opportunities.

“It’s amazing to be part of such a strong, pioneering company.”

The acquisition of Applegate is further proof of the industry recognition Enjin is receiving, and will provide an added boost prior to the launch of the firm’s ERC-1155 marketplace next month as well as the upcoming mainnet platform release.

Enjin’s blockchain game development platform will provide developers with the tools to easily and seamlessly integrate blockchain into their projects with no prerequisite knowledge of blockchain technology.

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