Enjin Wallet update adds dApp browser to app

The latest Enjin Wallet update will see support added for a dApp browser inside of the wallet app

The Enjin team has announced a new update for the Enjin Wallet which will see support added for a decentralised application (dApp) browser in the wallet app.

A dApp is an application that has been built with inherent decentralisation in mind, such as blockchain-based games.

The announcement details how “many people believe decentralised applications are the future of the internet – and the Enjin team is among them”.

A well-built dApp browser will enable the user to seamlessly jump onto any blockchain-integrated website, validate a transaction, and receive the resulting crypto or assets directly into their wallet.

Enjin’s dApp browser is set to remove multiple complexities from the often cumbersome dApp browsing experience, including the need to:

  • Log in to multiple websites in order to verify asset inventory
  • Input payment details when making purchases online
  • Input the delivery address for purchased assets


In place of these cumbersome features, there will be a single pop-up box that will replace the entire checkout process, which would often involve logging into PayPal or another payment processor or creating an account where your virtual assets would be delivered.

With the Enjin dApp browser, users will be able to sign transactions with “100%” custody over their funds while enjoying new levels of security and self-sovereignty.

The announcement closes by stating: “We’re beginning to envision a future where the Enjin Wallet will become to the decentralised world what WeChat is to China – except Enjin Wallet users will be protected by our resolute dedication to impenetrable security and privacy, as well as the unbiased personal sovereignty of Ethereum’s decentralised, immutable ledger.”

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