ERC-1155 support is coming to the 0x protocol

0x has announced that its community has accepted two new improvement proposals, one of which includes support for the ERC-1155 token standard

0x has announced that its peer-to-peer exchange protocol will soon include support for the ERC-1155 token standard – also known as the multi-token standard – after the community voted on and accepted two new improvement proposals (ZEIPs).

The announcement was made on 0x’s Twitter page. The post states: “We are thrilled to announce that ZEIP-24 and ZEIP-39 have been approved by our community of ZRX token holders! Both of the ZEIPs will be implemented on the mainnet on August 5.”

The 0x community finished voting on whether to approve ZEIP-24 and ZEIP-39 on July 29, with both being approved.

The approval of ZEIP-24 means that the ERC-1155 asset proxy will be introduced to the 0x mainnet. This will bring support for the trading of ERC-1155 assets on the 0x protocol.

The multi-token standard is an evolution in token standards because it offers the ability to issue mixed fungible and non-fungible tokens within a single smart contract.

Previously, in standards such as ERC-20 and ERC-721, it was only possible to issue non-fungible tokens. Another benefit of using the ERC-1155 standard is that it enables greater efficiency in the transfer and creation of new token concepts.

ZEIP-39 introduces the ability to create conditional orders based on arbitrary blockchain states. This can be utilised to validate stateful assets during settlement, ensuring the asset has not been modified.

ERC-1155 was created and authored by Enjin co-founder and CTO Witek Radomski and was recently adopted by Ethereum to become an official token standard.

Enjin has also promoted the news, tweeting: “ERC-1155 support is coming to 0x protocol on August 5.”

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