Ethereum Foundation relaunches their new website

Ethereum's new open-source portal is looking to create invaluable resources like "documentation, wikis, newsletters, tutorials and discussion forums"

Ethereum Foundation has launched a new version of its website – The new website is still a work in progress but is being “built by the community, for the community”.

Three core principles

According to the official blog, the new website design has been guided by three core principles.

The first is that the website becomes “a portal to community-built resources”. They are looking to do this via its massive decentralised community that can create invaluable resources like “documentation, wikis, newsletters, tutorials, discussion forums, and more”.

Secondly that the website is “built in the open, with the community’s help”. The team said that, right now, “there are just four subpages, (BeginnersUseLearn, and Build) but we anticipate adding new ones over time”.

Finally, they are trying not to be your “typical product website” because “it isn’t trying to sell you something. This is a website for a community that is busy getting things done”.

Not trying to sell you something

They said that Ethereum is the largest open-source blockchain community in the world and, therefore, development of the core technology is distributed across many different organisations. They thought that “Ethereum is different, and should be different too. It won’t ever be a typical product website, because it isn’t trying to sell you something”.

“This is a website for a community that is busy getting things done: onboarding new developers and users, educating ourselves and each other, and building.”

The foundation concluded by saying that they “hope that the re-launch of as an open-source portal to the community will continue that important trend.”

“Ultimately, there’s no better way to represent Ethereum to the world than by maintaining that spirit of decentralisation and independence.”

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