Everipedia 2.0 launches public beta

Everipedia - the world's first encyclopedia on the blockchain - has launched the public beta for Everipedia 2.0, which is now available for anyone to use

Everipedia – the world’s first encyclopedia built on blockchain technology – has officially rolled out the Everipedia 2.0 public beta.

The announcement was made on Everipedia’s Medium blog page and included additional information regarding the company’s future roadmap.

For the past couple of weeks, the platform has been in private beta and locked for editing while the team worked hard to prepare for the public beta launch.

Everipedia 2.0 is now available for everyone to access as a public beta site. The announcement post reads: “We are excited to invite our community to interact with Everipedia 2.0 as we enter this next phase of the beta, focused on driving greater engagement, improving the process of learning IQ tokens, and streamlining our collective knowledge base.”

The public beta has arrived with changes such as a modernised design, support for mobile accessibility, simplified login options, an enhanced editor, an advanced real-time chat and activity feed on all articles, and enhanced version history.

The announcement also details Everipedia’s plans for its roadmap in both Q3 and Q4 2019, as well as updates for 2020. Coming up first, the company will be expanding its language support to allow further accessibility worldwide.

Everipedia also intends to add an email login option, an advanced citation feature, the function to include media posts, new page templates, expanded leaderboards, intuitive version history, and editing streaks.

Editing streaks will be similar to Snapchat streaks except they will be advanced by editing – this will be implemented to create a gamification aspect for editors to encourage them to participate more.

Interested in reading more about Everipedia? Discover more about the project in Coin Rivet’s interview with the co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, and Everipedia’s CEO, Theodor Forselius.

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