Everything you need to know about Walmart’s Bitcoin push

Yes, really, the US retail giant has just made a major crypto announcement. Read on for further details

Walmart is now selling Bitcoins for $1. But before you crack open the champers, put on MIley Cyrus’ Party in the USA and start dancing around the room whilst shouting ‘woo hoo! crypto has finally gone mainstream!’, there is a catch, we’re afraid.

This digital currency is made of chocolate, wrapped in gold coloured foil and created by Frankford Candy.

The company’s Twitter announcement attracted such replies as ‘Where can these be ordered? I can’t find them anywhere. I need a sizable box like $100 worth to mess with my coworker who can’t stop day trading in crypto!’, ‘wtf is edible physical crypto…this is out of controlz!’ and ‘I need these. I’m not kidding.’

Crypto publicity stunts

Frankford Candy is not the first company to attempt to cash in on the rise of crypto. Earlier this year, KFC Canada launched the Bitcoin Bucket which could only be purchased with the cryptocurrency.

Available online for the Bitcoin equivalent of 20 Canadian dollars, it contained ten chicken tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, a medium gravy, and two dips. The company tweeted: ‘Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger-lickin’ good chicken.’ The limited-time promo also involved a Facebook-based live-tracker of the standing price of the product.

Long Island Iced Tea, meanwhile, made headlines after announcing it was changing its name to Long Blockchain. Whilst Kodak said it was developing a cryptocurrency aimed at photographers and, of course, its stock price skyrocketed.

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