Exposed Bitconnect advocate Trevon James ironically predicts Bitcoin will go to zero

Controversial cryptocurrency influencer Trevon James has predicted that Bitcoin will go to zero in the coming years, prompting outrage on social media

Prominent Bitconnect advocate Trevon James has ironically predicted that Bitcoin’s value will eventually be zero, prompting outrage from much of the cryptocurrency community on Twitter.

Florida-based Trevon James made a name for himself by advertising the infamous Ponzi scheme Bitconnect, which withered away following a cease and desist order in January.

The controversial YouTuber faced disciplinary action from the Florida District Court over his role in promoting Bitconnect to unsuspecting investors.

After lying low for a few months, James returned to the cryptocurrency space in August, confirming that he had been “subpoenaed to testify to the SEC over Bitconnect”.

Despite facing a wave of abuse from aggrieved investors who lost out as a result of his promotion, James still posts cryptocurrency analysis videos and comments, the latest of which saw him predict Bitcoin going to zero.

He wrote: “10 years from now, it won’t matter if you bought Bitcoin at $4,000 or $3,000………because it will be at $0.” He then backed up his statement by saying: “If Bitcoin isn’t $10 by January 1st 2020, I will eat my dog’s poop live on YouTube.”

However, Trevon’s claims won’t hold much weight if indeed he ends up in prison; a default was entered against him after he ignored the class-action lawsuit.

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