F1 Delta Time releases gameplay roadmap

F1 Delta Time, a blockchain-based game partnered with Formula 1, has unveiled its gameplay roadmap to give users a glimpse into its future development

F1 Delta Time – an upcoming Formula 1 game supported by blockchain technology – has unveiled its gameplay roadmap.

The development team tweeted an image of the roadmap on Tuesday, stating: “Many have been asking and finally we can share with you all the layout of our roadmap!”

F1 Delta Time has had an impressive year so far and recently announced its third non-fungible token (NFT) auction.

Its first auction for the ‘1-1-1NFT sold for a staggering 415.9 Ether – or $100,000 at the time – while its second auction for the ‘Monaco Edition 2019NFT sold for roughly 108 Ether – or $33,000 at the time of sale.

Its most recent auction is for the ‘France Edition 2019NFT, and the winning bid at present is clocking in at around 96 Ether.

According to the roadmap, a ‘1st Edition Team Car’ auction will take place later this month. Version 2.0 of the game’s website will then be launched later in the year alongside a marketplace update.

When the marketplace is updated, it will be possible to make direct purchases and trade items with other users.

Between September and October this year, the team will implement a robust profile system displaying players’ collections, achievements, and more.

A test lab is then due to launch at the end of the year where it will be possible to use component collectibles to outfit drivers and assemble cars.

Finally, in Q1 2020, the Grand Prix update will be launched where players will finally be able to go head-to-head with one another in F1 Delta Time.

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