F1 Delta Time unveils the ‘France Edition 2019’ NFT

Blockchain game F1 Delta Time has unveiled its third non-fungible token (NFT), this time paying homage to the French grand prix

Blockchain game F1 Delta Time has unveiled its latest non-fungible token (NFT) – the ‘France Edition 2019’ – which pays homage to the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix de France.

The news was announced on F1 Delta Time’s Medium blog page. The ‘France Edition 2019’ represents the third official Formula 1 NFT to be developed for the blockchain-based game.

The new NFT is an F1 car that celebrates the iconic French grand prix. The description reads: “This is an elegant and colourful race car that is strikingly representative of France.”

The ‘France Edition 2019’ – like the previous NFTs to be developed for the game – will be entirely unique and will not be produced again. Much like the ‘Monaco Edition 2019’, the car has stats to mirror and reflect the historic nature of the Pirelli Grand Prix de France.

Its stats are as follows:

  • Top speed: 988 (reflecting the fact that 2019 will see the 88th F1 race held in France)
  • Acceleration: 906 (referencing the first race to be held in France back in 1906 – though, this race was not part of the Formula 1 world championship, which began in 1950)
  • Grip: 953 (representing the 53 laps required to complete the Pirelli Grand Prix de France)
  • Luck: 58 (the luck stat mirrors the length of the track, which is 5.842km long)


The livery of the ‘France Edition 2019’ is based on the famous colours featured on the French flag: blue, white, and red.

The F1 Delta Time team claims its various colourful design elements exist together “in harmony, symbolising the French motto of ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’, adding beauty to the car’s pleasing aesthetic”.

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