Facebook actively recruiting blockchain devs: What’s on the horizon?

Facebook has been actively recruiting devs from the blockchain space to work on a number of applications

David Marcus posted on his Facebook back in May announcing that he would be spearheading a team that would seek to leverage blockchain across the social media giant’s activities.

Facebook has had a tricky year, with widespread coverage of their mistreatment of sensitive information and criticism from the crypto space after they followed in Google’s footsteps and removed advertising related to crypto and blockchain.

However, not too long ago, following Marcus’ announcement, Facebook began recruiting talent in the field of blockchain. Cheddar’s Alex Heath reported that Facebook has already found just shy of 40 employees to work on a secretive project. This has marked what could be a pivotal turn in Facebook’s campaign to reinvent their image.

A spokesperson reportedly informed Cheddar that “Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology. This new small team is exploring many different applications.”

According to Heath, “The talent in this industry is so finite, and there are so many big players wanting these talented cryptographers and academics. So, Facebook is going hard at them. And they’re having difficulty.”

So it would seem that while Facebook is actively on the lookout for the hottest, up-and-coming talent, it is not without trouble. What does remain clear, however, is that Facebook is looking to make some seriously big waves in the future. The only question left is what will create these waves?

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