Farewell, Coinbase, it was fun: CTO Balaji Srinivasan departs

He's taking time out "to get back in shape and up to speed on everything happening” whilst he was snowed under at Coinbase

Balaji Srinivasan has left US-based crypto exchange Coinbase, where he served as Chief Technology Officer.

In a tweet, Srinivasan, founder of Earn.com, said that he had enjoyed his time at the company and that he will now take time off “to get back in shape and up to speed on everything happening” when he was “heads down” at Coinbase.

Also departing

Last month, Coinbase’s Head of International, Dan Romero, announced his resignation in a blog post.

“I’m planning to take some time to figure out what’s next, but I remain as optimistic as ever about the potential of cryptocurrency and Coinbase,” he said.

“I joined Coinbase when it was 20 people; it is now over 700 people. I’ve also had the privilege to work across almost every aspect of the business: our banking partnerships, international, and time with both our consumer and institutional businesses. Through this, I’ve come to appreciate the value in working at a mission-driven company that’s willing to focus on a long-term strategy,” he added. 

“Staying true to a mission often requires doing hard (or even unpopular) things. But I’ve been lucky to learn first-hand that it’s those hard things that often generate the most value.”

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