Fetch Ai hammer out deal with West Ham United

The Irons have set out an artificial intelligence partnership with pioneering British tech firm Fetch Ai in a move that will deliver FET's power to London Stadium

London-based West Ham United FC has announced an artificial intelligence partnership with pioneering British blockchain firm Fetch Ai.

The futuristic partnership aims to help promote and implement groundbreaking AI technology under development by Fetch in Cambridge.

The partnership will see the brand and its applications promoted on West Ham United’s matches at London Stadium across the LED perimeter advertising boards and displays.

Humayun Sheikh, CEO and Founder of Fetch.ai, spoke excitedly about the potential for the partnership.

“We are proud to be partnering with West Ham United,” said Humayun.

“We’re very excited about bringing forth our AI solutions in new and creative ways to power the future of world class Premier League football, entertainment and technology for fans in the UK and around the world.”

Partnership marks big year in Fetch Ai roadmap

Fetch Ai positions itself at the cross-roads of blockchain, AI, and machine learning – with the express goal of creation a marketplace of so-called ‘Autonomous Economic Agents’ (AEAs).

These Agents connect the dots between vast data sources across the blockchain, removing the need for aggregators in the digital economy.

Fetch Ai already boast a plethora of use cases, for example the rapid development of an AEA that will empower Deep Parking technology (this tech was unveiled last year in a Tesla at the IAA and could soon be in your vehicle following exciting developments with Mobix).

There are plans for AEA implementation across supply chains, manufacturing industries, healthcare, travel, and finance – a highly anticipated release is even underway surrounding a potential Ai-based social media platform.`

West Ham United Commercial Director, Nathan Thompson, praised the exciting partnership set only to grow in significance with the roll-out of Fetch’s innovative technology.

“We are delighted to announce our first Official Artificial Intelligence Partner and welcome Fetch to the Club at an exciting time for the business, and the industry,” commented Thompson.

“We’re looking forward to working with Fetch.ai on their smart parking concept, social media platform and upcoming projects that will provide smart solutions for fans”. 

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