First poker league arrives on Algorand

ALGO blockchain is emerging as the first-choice ecosystem for community-organised crypto gaming with launch of Algorand Stacks

The first poker league has been created on Algorand to bring together community members in fun play-to-earn round-the-table games.

Algorand Stacks has launched to host daily games that offer small prize payouts in Algorand, NFTs, and other collectibles.

A poker gathering for the ALGO community

A one-developer operation, created as a side project under the pioneering vision of NFT artist CryptoShaynes as a social gathering for poker lovers in the ALGO community, the tournaments aim to shine a spotlight on promising artists and encourage development focus on the crypto gaming space.

Speaking to Coin Rivet, CryptoShaynes explained how Algorand Stacks is intended to be a lively amusing poker game for the community.

“[Algorand Stacks] is a free to play experience with a one time membership to help cover the costs,” he said.

“Prizes are donated by fellow NFT artists.”

An accomplished NFT artist himself as the creator of Psycho Skulls NFTs, CryptoShaynes was well placed within the AB2 Gallery community – Algorand’s blockchain NFT gallery – to bring together artists to bring the exciting tournaments to fruition.

“I am just an NFT artist who arranged a social poker game with some friends,” said the developer.

Speaking to Coin Rivet about Algorand Stacks – the Foundation was quick to highlight the emergence of play-to-earn gaming models as they flock to the ALGO ecosystem.
“Algorand is becoming the blockchain of choice for play-to-earn gaming, and poker is the latest example of this,” said a spokesman.
“Algorand Stacks, the Drone Racing League with Playground Labs, Zone XTZ, and more are all gravitating towards Algorand for its high performance, low fees, and carbon-negative footprint.
“With play to earn, we’re seeing more users than ever join the Algorand ecosystem, and we’re excited for the potential of this vertical in 2022 and beyond.”

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