Flype welcomes another blockchain big hitter onboard

After reeling in John McAfee, they’ve now caught the eye of private equity veteran Mark Hamade

Blockchain startup Flype has brought in Mark Hamade as an advisor, following a meeting at Malta Blockchain Summit last week.

Hamade is a partner at private equity firm Vivaris Capital and, in addition to being a frequent blogger, also hosts a weekly radio show called ‘On the Mark with Mark Hamade.’

“He is a conscious capitalist, meaning he passionately respects the 3Ps and 1W. People, Planet, Profitable enterprise, and Women Entrepreneurs. He believes that organisations have a responsibility to uphold all three Ps & one W equally,” Flype, pitched as the world’s first blockchain-based, secure platform for international delivery, said in a blog post.

It added: “He’s a team player recognised as an exceptional communicator and a visionary leader that applies a lens to visualise the whole picture. He knows when and how to apply strategy, operations, financial savvy, vision, pattern recognition, critical thinking, and leadership in every facet of business, delivering uncommon results in industries ranging from technology, energy, aerospace, steel, manufacturing, construction, banking, AI, blockchain, healthcare, real estate, restaurant, retail, software to name a few.”

Earlier this week, we reported that Flype had also signed up John McAfee as an advisor. More on that here.

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