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Last week, @CryptoShillNye spared some of his time on Thanksgiving to speak to us here at Coin Rivet for our Follow Friday to discuss his involvement in crypto. If you’re new to the space, @CryptoShillNye is without doubt one of the more motivational and positive actors within crypto today. Initially a masked man, he slowly began to reveal his identity as he embarked on speaking engagements across the world. Currently travelling through Asia, I spoke to him whilst he was packing for the trip.

Lives can change very quickly once you become involved in the world of cryptocurrency, and @CryptoShillNye is a clear example of that. Before becoming involved in the space, his focus was around “making mobile applications, marketing, meditation, and mindfulness”. The latter two skills appear perfect for the stressful world of cryptocurrency. Having picked up the skills whilst travelling through India in 2012, they allow him “to slow down a little bit, which helps with my decision making in trading. I think sometimes people jump in and make decisions too quickly based off a fearful emotion”.

He was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend in 2013, but wasn’t instantly hooked. “Honestly, at first, I just didn’t get it. I thought OK, this is interesting, digital money, it makes sense, but I couldn’t see the bigger picture of why it mattered. I think my lack of life experience had a lot to do with it”. A few years later, in 2017, he was reintroduced. “I had been through a couple more things. I understood what was happening to our financial system to a greater degree and saw this as a massive opportunity, and it’s been history ever since”.

Having started taking the space seriously in 2017, it has been an impressive rise from being relatively unknown to speaking at conferences. His initial starting point was to join one of his friend’s free Telegram groups where they would discuss what they were buying and selling at the time. Whilst not being “super into technical analysis”, he says his skills lie in “observing market cycles and observing the psychology of buyers, especially during the last bull run. You could make some good trades solely based on that”.

Since then however, the crypto space has entered a rough and traumatic bear market. However, @CryptoShillNye maintains that even in these dark times, progression is still possible both as a trader and as the owner of his company. “(The bear market)… has given me time to build structures around my company, and it’s giving me time to work with some of the best companies in the space right now. It’s also given me time to buy more BTC as we continue to go lower. Even if I was still spending time as a trader, I would see it as an opportunity as well. The best traders in the game don’t care which way the volatility is headed, whether its up or down, as long as they can make decent trades”.

With “shill” being part of his name and a topic I have discussed, I needed to press him for his views on this controversial aspect within the space. “I don’t think it’s OK to do it without disclosing”, was his initial response before expanding. “The fact of the matter is people trust us…How do you do it in a moral way and how do you do it in a way where you aren’t just going to get destroyed by your audiences later, or by someone else’s audience. The fact of the matter is whether people like it or not, there will always be people who are ‘paid shills’ or paid to share projects”. He went on to say, “I think I’m just a guy online who talks about crypto and shares my opinion. People trust us you know, and I think with that comes a very high level of responsibility, and if you’re not disclosing that, you’re doing something wrong”.

Having followed @CryptoShillNye for a while now, I wasn’t surprised to hear the same positivity that I see on a daily basis on Twitter. Twitter can, however, be full of toxicity. @CryptoShillNye, whilst a fan of Twitter, is cautious. “I’m really aware about how I use my time on Twitter. I don’t really ever participate in negative banter or the negative activity, unless it’s with a friend and 100% an obvious joke where we’ll go back and forth at each other just for fun and neither of us would be offended”. Within crypto, whilst many people have made money, there are also many who have lost money, which is why his positivity can be unusual when reading through a stream of tweets. “I’m trying to bring as much positivity and optimism to the space as possible. It’s the way I live my life and it’s the way I like to share myself online. This space can use more positivity because I think the jabs back and forth at each other are not the most productive thing for the space, the community, or for people as individuals”.

Conversation and jokes within the space can be funny and friendly. However, they can also be extremely dark. @CryptoShillNye has made an effort to be outspoken on issues regarding mental health and suicide; a topic close to his heart. With so many people becoming “rekt”, he is passionate “because I have had experiences with it. Many of my friends have had experiences with it and many of my friends are no longer living because they had such deep experiences with it. It’s such a sensitive topic for any individual, and I think its’s really important for people to be respectful—it’s a basic form of respect. Not everyone can see it and not everyone portrays it, but they still maybe going through it and struggling internally. A lot of people make jokes about suicide to be light and humorous. I get why they’re doing it, but it’s just not funny”.

His positivity extends to the future of the space as a whole. He believes that “in five years we’re going to see the progress. We’re going to see actual adoption, and given ten years we’re going to see something viable in the world being used daily”. Crypto could do with us all acting more positively. Whilst the harsh criticism we level at each other can help the space grow, often this can turn into vitriol. If you are seeking the brighter side of life, @CryptoShillNye is your dude to follow.

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