Former Zcash developer hired to lead Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky

Jay Graber will be heading up the innovative decentralised social media project first announced by Twitter in 2019

Twitter supremo Jack Dorsey has revealed that Jay Graber – a former Zcash developer – will be masterminding his new Bluesky initiative.

Bluesky, first mentioned publicly in 2019, aims to deliver a decentralised social media ecosystem in response to regulatory encroachment on social media platforms.

In a string of tweets, Dorsey explained the Bluesky project was driven by numerous concerns he had with the way in which social media has developed – away from being a platform for connection, into an algorithmic marketing machine.

The tweets also cited the ever-increasing demands of centralised regulators and the appearance of more frequent negative content, particularly surrounding political controversies.

The Twitter visionary went on to explain that blockchain offered cutting-edge decentralised solutions that could bring about a more democratic and immutable form of social networking online.

Dorsey’s initiative has excited many, and the public appointment of well-respected crypto developer Jay Graber represents an exciting step with the project now lead by a man with a deep understanding of start-ups in the crypto space.

Graber has wasted no time in highlighting the progress he has already made on the new social network ecosystem, revealing he conducted a systematic ecosystem review with a team of blockchain builders and crypto creatives in January.

He also drew attention to Bluesky’s keenness for partnerships with other social media market leaders, expressing hope that the scheme would receive support and collaboration from other platforms.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was among the first to applaud Jay’s appointment at Bluesky, suggesting the Zcash developer would be able to enhance the coding-side of the project roadmap.

This is the latest in a series of recent moves by Dorsey to dominate the crypto space, following his $29B takeover of e-credit company AfterPay.

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