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Founders of NFT project aim to donate $300k to military veterans

Goat Troops Infantry tells Coin Rivet how their NFT project is aimed at helping United States service members

Following the death of 13 US soldiers in Kabul airport, Wesley and Vinny of Goat Troops Infantry felt a duty to help those who serve their country.

So they chose to launch a fund-raising NFT project.

Goat Troops Infantry is an NFT collection of 13,000 goats training for battle on the Ethereum blockchain. Income earned through the project will be donated to the families affected by the terrorist attack during the evacuation in Afghanistan.

The founders already had the wheels in motion for their plan but a great cause alluded them – that is until the tragic events at Kabul airport occurred.

Speaking to Coin Rivet, Wesley and Vinny told of their motivations behind creating Goat Troops Infantry and how they feel veterans and active service members deserve to be treated.

“We had our NFT project in mind at the time of this attack, but an NFT project requires two main parts: good artwork, and a great cause,” they said.
“We decided on this cause when we immediately saw GoFundMe’s available for the 13 US families.
“In our minds, there’s no value of money that can replace the value of a loved one, but we can do our best to provide for those that have served our country. We believe that veterans and active duty service members deserve to be provided with the utmost respect and support, as they are the ones putting their lives on the line for all of us.”
The Goat Troops Infantry was founded in August with 3,000 followers – including the founder of Chibi Dinos, Sean Kelly. And the project is gaining traction.
Wesley and Vinny said they’ve received a lot of support already from various veterans and active troops, as well as celebrity influencers.
“We host weekly Twitter spaces for those within our community and many are gladly standing behind us. We have received a lot of support from veterans and active-duty troops and they all agree that more should be done for those who put their lives on the line for our country,” they said.
“We have received a lot of support from influencers such as MMA fighter Keith Berry and actor and singer Drake Bell.
“Additionally, we believe as Coinbase adapts an NFT exchange, we will start to see more athletes, celebrities, and influencers adapt to the NFT community as Coinbase is widely known for its user-friendliness.”

Collaborations with projects

The Goat Troops Infantry said a few projects had reached out to them and they said they partnered with one in particular that they believe can do great things.

“The Farmers Marketverse (FMV) is dedicated to providing sustainability to farmers worldwide,” they explained.
“In our opinion, this is a very undervalued project with a small niche as well. Therefore, we have collaborated with this project in order to share followers and gain further support for both projects.”
Wesley and Vinny also shared some exclusive news with Coin Rivet regarding further partnerships with Goat Troops Infantry.
“We have partnered with the Fisher House Foundation (a foundation for placing homeless veterans in homes and supplying them with basic necessities),” they announced.
“Additionally, we have partnered with local VFW’s in Cleveland, Ohio to provide a direct donation to veterans who are in need of assistance. We have also reached out to the Black Rifle Coffee Company (a Veteran owned and operated coffee company that ships coffee to Active Duty Troop bases).”

Goals and future plans

The founders told Coin Rivet where they saw their project heading.
“Our end goal with this project is to donate nearly $300,000 (88 Ethereum) to veterans and active duty service members at 100% mint,” they said.
“After doing so, we have plans to donate a Tesla CyberTruck to a veteran who is in need of a vehicle. After we sell out this project, we have plans to release a Toxic Spill Goat Troop Collection, which will contain a collection of 13,000 Toxic Goat Troops.
“This collection will be airdropped (for free) to those who originally minted the first Goat Troops collection. Proceeds from this release will also be given to veterans and troops.
“After completing this project, the Goat Troops team plans on releasing a smaller mint containing weapons (non-explicit weapons) in order to align us with our final vision; a game, similar to battleship where those who own a Goat Troop, and those who own a Toxic Goat Troop can play against one another.”
Wesley and Vinny aim not only to help veterans but to inspire others to do their part for those who laid down their life for their country.
“A lot of the assistance they need is small, such as a meal, a blanket, or larger such as a home, or vehicle, but the government will not help them,” they said.
“It is our responsibility as citizens to never let those who support our country go unnoticed.”

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