AI crypto trading platform ‘Bibox’ enters India

AI digital asset trading platform ‘Bibox‘ has announced it is entering India in a bid to revolutionise decentralised financing in the market.

The Indian government recently triggered a spell of countrywide crpyto confusion after seemingly lining up strict legislation to effectively ban digital assets, before then backtracking earlier this week to announce it would be willing to embrace cryptocurrency with regulation.

Undeterred by the twists and turns, Bibox decided to launch in the nation with global projects in gaming, NFTs and DeFi.

From a business perspective, the platform is, the company said, beneficial for traders and global crypto projects.

A new section in the platform dubbed ‘Selected’ has programs like Super Start, S-POOL, Pre-taste, and Global Public Blockchain Club, providing a wide stage for projects with different needs.

$10m budget for entering Indian market

The company said it was planning to recruit around 50 employees in India with a budget of $10m for marketing, hiring, and developing crypto-related products and services.

Some of the new features that BiBox is preparing for the Indian market include earning through crypto, copy trading and bot trading features, and other services for decentralised financing.

When these features are integrated with AI technology, they provide users with unprecedented experiences of efficiency and convenience in crypto trading.

Apart from this, the platform is also paired with a user-friendly interface to ease crypto trading for non-techies.

The company holds a Swiss VQF financial license and is trusted by more than 10m users from 160+ countries worldwide.

Currently, Bibox has 340+ trading pairs and 240+ coins for users to engage and trade flexibly.


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