Andre Akkari talks poker, e-sports and NFTs on the Coin Rivet podcast

Brazilian poker player Andre Akkari is the latest star-studded guest to join the Coin Rivet podcast with host Jeff Gross this week.

Akkari is known as one of the most succesful poker players of all-time with total online earnings exceeding $3.7 million.

During this week’s podcast Akkari and Gross discuss NFTs and how large of a role they can play in e-sports.

“Right now, the NFT world is exploding. Five percent of projects are amazing, but 95% are completely terrible. The technology is so amazing, everyone wants to be invovled. Every e-sports organisation is going to have five or ten different platforms, NFTs and tokens,” Akkari said.

“We [Furia e-sports] are building a blockchain lab that will launch in 60 days. We are going to be connected with a lot of NFT league projects like Counter Striker and League of Legends,” he added.

“When we saw everything happening in 2020, we saw how we can connect Furia with the NFT industry.”

Akkari goes on to discuss the recently launched Ape coin, which is tied to the Bored Ape Yacht Club project.

“Right now is a great day because they launched the Ape coin. I have been winning a lot today because I own some Apes,” he concluded.

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