Bill Perkins talks Bitcoin, Ethereum NFTs and Poker on the Coin Rivet podcast

Professional poker player Bill Perkins is the latest guest to join Jeff Gross on the Coin Rivet podcast.

The Texan hedge fund manager turned poker pro is now a huge supporter of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, notably Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In this week’s fascinating podcast episode, Perkins describes how he bought into CryptoPunks when they were worth $5,000 each before diving into WorldOfWomen.

“I kept buying more [WorldOfWomen], now I know how people get into baseball cards, you just have to have them,” Perkins said. “Then I began talking to the founders, they are very forward thinking about the IP and how it works. When you buy a WorldOfWomen NFT, you own it. That’s extremely powerful, so i bought even more.”

The conversation went onto the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum: “I would definitely take Bitcoin over Nasdaq, Ethereum will probably be $3,200 to $3,500. I’m a bigger buyer of ETH than Bitcoin, even though I think Bitcoin has better functionality.”

“A lot of people complain about the fees on Ethereum. ETH isn’t made to buy a soda, it’s intended to be used on purchasing $20,000 NFTs,” he added.

To hear more about Bill’s views on both online and live poker, watch the podcast here

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