ByeBanX to create second ‘Bankers’ NFT series, reveals CEO

ByeBanX is in the process of creating the second series of its ‘Bankers’ NFT collection that “shows the devilish ways of the future to hopefully inspire change and improvements of the crypto and digital world”.

According to its CEO, James Gale, a whole ByeBanX concept was created as a sort of a collection of 100 genesis unique NFT art pieces meant to celebrate the crypto world and the evolution from cash and traditional banking to the world of cryptocurrency.

Gale told Coin Rivet there were 666 pieces currently in the collection as it represents the “devilish ways of the previous (and current) era”.

“We are in the process of creating a second series that shows the devilish ways of the future to hopefully inspire change and improvements of the crypto/digital world,” he said.

He also explained ByeBanX holders could not only be owners of a unique piece of art, but they become part of its exclusive membership group.

“This includes access to future projects such as the EdYN project, but also projects involved with the progressive roadmap of ByeBanX which includes IRL (in real life) benefits also,” he said.

ByeBanX is a project connected with the SummitBC ecosystem – “a design studio and crypto company focused on providing value to its community through exciting crypto projects”.

“All of the ecosystem projects feed in some way into the other projects, so for example ByeBanX has the utility of giving you access to our next NFT project, the Nemesis Apes of EdYN,” Gale addede.

“EdYN is a fully 3D 8K metaverse avatar project with ambitions of becoming a blue chip NFT project, links into gaming and full metaverse utility.”

Will the bankers fall?

When talking about ByeBanX’ mission, Gale said it merely asks ‘will the bankers fall?’.

“This is a rhetorical question providing food for deeper thought,” he explained.

“We believe in crypto as in the form of digital currency and NFTs pave a bright future because of the super technology behind the developments.

“Long term this could mean that banks are redundant, and central corruption could be a thing of the past. Whilst this is probably some way off, it is our long-term belief.

“The increase already is phenomenal with many celebrities jumping on the band wagon, it is an extremely exciting space, anyone coming in gets hooked very quickly.”

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