CampNova Steps Into Metaverse With Rare Blockchain NFT: DoggTalk

The NFT release, DoggTalk: Gangsters & Lovers (DTGL), is a sci-fi and fantasy adventure at the edge of the metaverse. The collection features 13,333 rare NFTS on the Ethereum and blockchain that explores the morals of love and violence in a world ruled by the Doggs living in Doggtopia on Planet XXXX in 2777.

The DoggTalk NFT includes over 120 assets all with rarities of eight different breeds of canines — 1670 Doggs. Each Dogg breeds have a unique personality and choice to be a gangster or a lover.

Early collectors can Whitelist on DTGL‘s website for first dibs on the collection. DoggTalk: Gangsters & Lovers will launch May 15. To stand out, the leadership of DoggTalk NFT, introduces a new class of NFTs called “True Value NFTs” that integrates a collection of in real life, IRL, utilities that provides collectors with the highest return on investment and exclusive membership benefits.

It will also include quarterly utility drops of limited edition products — music releases, exclusive VIP member events, food, collector’s editions of spirits, one-of-a-kind apparel and THC/CBD products, all with up to 50% retail.

“It’s time to connect the digital and physical universe with collectibles and products,” said Emery Morrison, Co-Founder of DoggTalk NFT and CampNova. “The value of owning a digital NFT tied to a physical product, multiple utilities in our case, is the next evolution of NFTs.”

DTGL’s NFT release follows CampNova’s January partnership launch of the Crypto Cannabis Club’s brand which introduced the NFToker community to IRL premium cannabis products delivered throughout the state of California.

“CampNova has always dedicated itself to being cutting edge and staying ahead of the trend,” said Marvin Wilcher, Co-Founder of DoggTalk NFT and CampNova. “We have seen tremendous success in our NFT IRL utility collaborations. We thought it was perfect timing to release our own.”

About DoggTalk Gangsters & Lovers: DoggTalk Gangsters & Lovers, DTGL, is the latest NFT to enter the metaverse from the developers of tech lifestyle platform CampNova. By breaking the fourth wall, the DoggTalk NFT innovates the blockchain by providing the NFT community with net value in real life, IRL utilities that include unique experiences and investment opportunities.

DoggTalk NFT is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure of 13,280 extremely rare NFTs that explores the morals of love and violence in a world ruled by Doggs. In the Doggs’ dog-eat-dog world, they are divided into eight different breeds of Doggs who either love, kill, or sometimes, both. Because their land is ruled by love or violence, there is always a grandiose demonstration of morality over the other. In the society of Doggtopia, every dogg must answer and live by the choice of being a lover or a gangster.

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