Coin Rivet interviews NFT project DreamsQuest

How did you come about starting DreamsQuest?

Dreams Quest ideation started over 2 years ago when Steve and Leslie reached out and asked if I wanted to look at what they are working on. I quickly got an idea of how we could move ahead in terms of visual representations and the whole creative angle and presented my ideas on how to take this to the next level. Soon enough, I joined Dreams Quest. We’ve been working in the background for a while before we’ve made the project public. As three founders we have the same vision on what Dreams Quest can bring to the community and to the world. It’s not only about the game – it’s about so much more.

How significant was the collaboration with The Sandbox for your project?

As part of building our metaverse ecosystem, we’ve partnered up with The Sandbox (Sebastien Borget is also our advisor). We believe that this alliance is beneficial for both projects. We just released our first NFTs for a no-code game, built on their Marketplace and we are about to release collectibles that are tagged as ‘art’ in the sandbox. We are also working on a mini-game experience to show off our Frost Giant – he made a lot of friends during the world tour that just ended a few weeks ago. I love to connect with other projects in this space as I believe that we are all pioneers in the Metaverse world and we need to collaborate rather than compete. If we can bring more value to the community by working together then sign me up!

Since we are creating a Sandbox mini-game experience we will implement connections from The Sandbox to Dreams Quest. Our sandbox mini-game experience will allow players to see a subtle taste of our game lore. Introducing The Sandbox community to Dreams Quest at this stage is very valuable for both communities. For the Dreams Quest community – they will be able to play with one of our cool characters The Frost Giant in advance of the Dreams Quest game. For The Sandbox community, we have created a collection of NFTs for no-code game creators. We are doing all of this to create a win-win experience for both communities and to raise our awareness to many new players as well through co-marketing activities.

Would you consider yourself a trailblazer in the Game-Fi space?

I hadn’t considered that but I suppose you can say I’m an innovator and creator. There are many people in this space also doing other amazing work as well. I think the best way to look at it is to say that the work I am doing is something that I am proud of. I am not a follower. I prefer to set the tone and lead through both ideas and breaking boundaries with new concepts. So yeah, I guess you could call me a trailblazer as well in that sense.

On a serious note, we are building this project with a strong foundation. We need it to be strong enough to get us where we need to be. This space can be tricky as onlookers and speculators always concentrate on one thing: the token price. But for me the key is creation and strong fundamentals.  I have a more holistic view on how we do things in Dreams Quest. We are building an amazing game that will provide tons of excitement and value for the community. We are putting a lot of work into Lore, the back story, ‘the why’ rather than just throwing something out there and hoping it will catch on. We believe that our strategy is the right one in this emerging market of metaverse and GameFi. Building a strong community through team commitment and connection is important to us, and that’s why we hold at least one live Round Table Session every week on Discord to meet our community and answer their questions. I believe that in this way we can build stronger connections and trust with our  community, and share with them what we are working on behind the scenes. 

What has been your experience as a woman co-running a company in a male-dominated sphere?

That’s a good question, I thought about it quite a lot and I have a funny story. Since my telegram handle is not indicating that I am a woman, most people who talk to me assume I am a man. I am not sure how I should take it. But in all seriousness since I’ve been in this industry for a while now, I do notice that at first meeting with some people – I am not seen as a leader – until I start to speak. I set direction and move ahead with action. I believe that actions speak louder than words, so I rarely think about how I am being seen as a woman but rather how I am seen as a co-founder and leader. In my previous years, I have met with men not taking me seriously and that is just a sign of their closed mindedness. I try not to pay attention to people whose minds are not ready for strong women leaders.

What would be your message to  women who are interested in the digital space and struggle to find a way in?

Learn, try and continue. It’s not easy in any industry to make a dent and career for yourself – all you need is conviction and a strong work ethic if you want to make it. Start small, don’t rush. I see a lot of young people trying to skip the valuable time to learn and gain experience and move towards big things. In every space, you need the maturity and experience to be the ‘diamond hands’ that every industry needs. My suggestion is to find a mentor that can guide you and seek out working with people who are already experienced – you always gain the most when working with talented people and leaders. And it all takes time, so patience is a virtue. Start small and grow bigger with time. Gain experience and master your skills – that’s the foundation of your career, so make sure it’s solid and keep expanding on what you know with new skills. Create a work ethic that speaks for itself – that’s the best advice I can give 🙂

Is there anything DreamsQuest has in the pipeline for 2022 that you haven’t yet disclosed?

We have a lot going on behind the scenes and one thing we are really proud of is unveiling our writers room. As I’ve mentioned, we are really big on lore and why things are the way they are, so this is very exciting for us! Like I’ve mentioned before, we have our Sandbox mini-game experience coming out soon. But most importantly, our Dreams Quest Origins game that will introduce our community to the game and the DreamVerse, which is what we are working on everyday! We have great executive producers on our team with many years of experience working in Hollywood and we love where they are taking us! As we continue work on our game, we will be continuously sharing the progress with our dedicated community. We will be continuing to introduce players to our game assets, land, buildings and elements through our very own NFTs marketplace. We have many things planned in the background as it relates to our game release and it’s all interconnected to our creation process based on the Lore that we are creating right now – so it’s all connected to the Dreams quest vision. 

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