Dogecoin Fanatics Jump Ship Flocking to Toon Finance Protocol

If you’ve paid any attention to cryptocurrency over the past few years, you undoubtedly remember the hype surrounding Dogecoin. What began as a joke quickly spiralled into a movement. Perhaps it had to do with the world’s whatever, why not the attitude that bubbled over during and after the pandemic, or maybe it truly was something special. 

Whatever it was, it encouraged thousands of never-before investors to get interested in cryptocurrency. Some investors saw a fantastic return, while others held on a little too long and saw the crash come. Yet, Dogecoin was just a memecoin, so did it really matter? 

In a way, yes. Since then, the crypto market has been searching for the next Dogecoin, and with Toon Finance and its Toonie Takeover, that moniker may finally be filled. 

Remember Dogecoin? 

Dogecoin was created in 2013 and was inspired by Shiba Inu, another coin that Toon Finance is climbing above in the crypto market. Like its inspiration, it began as a joke and it remained as a joke for nearly a decade until people started buying DOGE and continued to buy it, with celebrities like Elon Musk jumping on the trend to boost its value and recognition. Currently, DOGE is in the top 15 most valuable cryptocurrencies and is available for $0.05 per coin. 

As with any trend, people started to get bored, and those who didn’t cash out in time ended up losing some of their investments. But that hasn’t stopped crypto experts from looking for the next big thing, and that next big thing could very well be Toon Finance’s Toon Tokens, especially with the Toonie Takeover. 

What Is the Toonie Takeover? 

Toon Finance has launched the Toonie Takeover, an ICO that gives users the chance to get involved with a new cryptocurrency by offering what many consider to be the next evolutionary stage of digital currency. Already, the Toonie Takeover has generated plenty of publicity across financial and everyday channels, and this has helped Toon Finance rise in the crypto ranking, eclipsing the more well-known coins that you may still be clinging to. 

Why Is Toon Finance Overtaking Well-Known Memecoins? 

If you’re looking for the next memecoin to enjoy potential 1000X returns, Toon Tokens could be the answer. As part of the Toonie Takeover, Toon Finance is offering users the chance to get in on the ground floor early. But what separates this option from the multitude of other memecoins that have come and gone? 

Toon Finance has established its ICO, making 50% of the existing coins available to those who want to get involved as soon as possible. The cute characters are ideal for grabbing your attention, but it’s much more than this. 

During the first week of the Toonie Takeover, Toon Finance has already sold $3 million worth of the coin, demonstrating how in-demand this new cryptocurrency is. It appeals to a wide range of users, too. Rather than settle for being the latest trend for crypto bros, it is seen as a must-have for other investors, gamers, and traders. This interest has skyrocketed the coin’s – and Toon Finance’s – awareness to make it the hottest topic within the cryptocurrency industry. 

Yet the key selling point is that TFT is much more than a cryptocurrency and memecoin. Like other crypto options you can find, such as Big Eyes or IMPT that provide real-world benefits, TFT gives users a broader scope. 

Besides purchasing the coins, you can also use the decentralized exchange to exchange data between two different blockchains. This is called the Space Bridge and keeps with the intergalactic theme that at first glance seems like a cute gimmick but quickly reveals that it is the core of why Toon Finance is such a hit. 

While many memecoins come and go, there is enough evidence to suggest that Toon Finance and the Toonie Takeover will do enough for TFT to make it something that sticks around for a while and helps users shoot for – and reach – the moon. 

All About Toon Finance 

Toon Finance (TFT) is one of the most hyped coins of 2022, and it seems nearly everyone who has even a passing interest in cryptocurrency has heard about it and is considering Toon Tokens for their next investment. 

But why is Toon Finance making it so big when other meme coins have spiked and then faded into obscurity? The simplest explanation is that Toon Finance is doing things a little differently

The developers, engineers, and all the other experts behind those cute and cuddlesome characters have made it a standout platform in the crypto market. Rather than simply launched as a coin, Toon Finance provides users and potential investors with the chance to earn more while also enjoying the competitive spirit that they may recognize from their favorite video games. 

Toon Finance offers an exciting Pay-to-Earn (P2E) model that has captured the attention of users who want to feel like they have done things all by themselves. The platform offers a wide range of games, including Player vs. Player Battle Grounds, among others to give users further incentives. 

However, the team behind Toon Finance also recognizes that competition isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, they have also introduced Player vs. Environment options that provide something different while enabling users to make the most of what Toon Finance can offer. 

The more players earn, the more they will be able to advance and improve their characters, which further adds to the video game-style appeal that has made Toon Finance seem like much more than a passing trend of memecoin. If it is as dependable as it promises, there’s a strong chance Toon Tokens and Toon Finance are here to stay. 

Get On Board 

Toon Finance is currently undergoing its initial sales period, with two months remaining for users to get on board and check out this exciting new development in the world (and soon enough, the universe) or cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting opportunity that offers much more than meets the eye, you can consider the Toonie Takeover to be the next Dogecoin and perhaps even shoot farther amongst the stars. 

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