Five-time WSOP winner Brian Rast discusses Bitcoin on Coin Rivet podcast

The highly-anticipated third addition of the Coin Rivet podcast is live! This week’s episode features five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Brian Rast, who reveals a healthy passion in Bitcoin and the crypto market.

Rast, commonly known by his online alias TsarRast, enjoyed an in-depth conversation with Coin Rivet host Jeff Gross on the volatility in the crypto market, with particular emphasis on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin fell off a cliff a few months ago. Since then it’s been forming a base,” Rast said. “When it comes to the volatility, mathematically Bitcoin is not as volatile as it was five or ten years ago.”

“I believe we won’t see another 80% drop, if I’m right – then that shows that volatility is going down as the asset is getting bigger.”

On the topic of NFTs, which are rapidly becoming a mainstay across the poker sphere, Rast added: “I think NFTs are a really good idea that will have a place going forward.

“I think what’s going to end up happening is that people are going to keep making projects, some projects will show appreciation like good art, whereas some other stuff will end up not being worth very much as there’s no real demand for it.”

To watch the Coin Rivet podcast, click here.

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