Kriptomat launches QR code token airdrop

European cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat is releasing a QR code that will distribute 100 fungible tokens to the first one million people who scan it.

The EU regulated exchange recently launched the world’s first gamified rewards program and has now integrated this experience into its mobile app.

The special QR code will airdrop 100 fungible tokens – called ‘Kriptos’ – to the first one million people to scan the code through Kriptomat’s app.

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Kriptos are blockchain-powered reward points that provide access to games within the company’s rewards program.

Kriptomat’s customers will be able to use their Kriptos to play games and earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that unlock discounts when purchasing cryptocurrencies.

The NFTs also serve as in-game items that can be used across 20 different blockchain games.

Each game will recognise the Kriptomat NFTs and reward the players with special in-game content.

“I’m really excited for people to experience how easy it is to receive powerful blockchain assets via the Kriptomat app,” says Srdjan Mahmutovic, Kriptomat CEO.

“This truly aligns with our mission to make blockchain more accessible for the general public.

“More than ever, Kriptomat is the best place for people who know nothing about blockchain to experience its full potential and buy cryptocurrencies with zero learning curve.

“We hope this spills into the wider retail market and is a catalyst to many new users pouring into the blockchain space.”

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