Sponsored Liberty Gaming Guild is Joining Forces with Persib Bandung, a Football Club with over 5 Million Fans

Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG), an ambitious next-generation project that’s investing in a host of top play-to-earn games to increase its crypto and NFT portfolios, and Persib Bandung, a leading Indonesian football club established in 1933 with over five million fans across South East Asia (SEA), have announced a ground-breaking partnership on February 18.

The Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG) and Persib Bandung Partnership 

LGG and Persib Bandung are joining forces in what will see the football club’s broad fan base get exposed to exciting opportunities on how they can take charge of their finances through able and powerful blockchain-based solutions. 

At the same time, Persib Bandung will market LGG’s success in the metaverse, where they have successfully eased access to the otherwise inaccessible, complex, and relatively expensive NFT landscape.

Representatives from both parties are thrilled, saying it would benefit their respective brands and loyal fans. The newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of LGG, Maurizio Barbieri, commented, saying:

“When given a chance to partner with arguably one of the most popular football clubs not only in Indonesia but in the whole region, you do not think twice, and you grab this opportunity. With Persib carrying LGG’s message of success in the metaverse and financial freedom for its community members, I am sure we’ll be able to accelerate our growth in SEA and Indonesia specifically. We can’t wait to start working with the amazing Persib team and take this not only to the next level but to the moon!”

A Footprint in Southeast Asia

The agreement is specifically strategic for LGG. With the rise of blockchain gaming, incorporating innovative play-to-earn and NFTs, millions of gamers worldwide would likely shift from the traditional revenue-sharing architecture to a transparent, mathematics-guided system where gamers’ interests are catered. 

Following the success of Axie Infinity, a top play-to-earn game with over 2.6 million players that have seen over $3.6 billion of in-game NFT assets traded in their internal marketplace, it is projected that many upcoming games will be keen to adopt the same strategy. It is especially the case when metaverses take shape. The metaverse may ride on blockchain technology and broadly incorporate NFTs. For their value proposition, the metaverse is expected to command an $890 billion market valuation in less than a decade. 

Since most play-to-earn gamers are in SEA, LGG’s partnership with Persib Bandung would likely pay dividends, massively providing the necessary tailwinds, therefore cementing the platform’s footprint in the region. 

Notably–and as mentioned before, the over five million fan base and Persib Bandung’s active community would be exposed to fantastic opportunities for financial freedom offered by LGG. At the same time, gamers get access to the various supported play-to-earn games supported by the platform.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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