Sponsored LunaOne to Take Decentralization to Another Level Through its Metaverse

LunaOne, the first decentralised virtual society, looks to redefine decentralisation through games, earning, and learning in a seamless Web 3.0 environment. The platform aims to expand into other universes apart from gaming to bring users an outside experience such as attending events from their homes. LunaOne has experienced teams in the industry, including many members from Forbes 500 companies.

The metaverse generated $10B in 2021, representing a doubled income within a year. In 2024, live entertainment revenue in the metaverse may amount to more than 200 billion dollars. According to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, Metaverse can become a multi-trillion-dollar part of the world economy. 

LunaOne is Covering all Aspects of Social Life

The biggest percentage of metaverse projects is focusing on NFTs and play-to-earn models. Very few use blockchain to build platforms that provide work tasks, social interactions, and educational modules. LunaOne uses an open word concept that allows external global vendors to gather within one space. From here, they can gain full benefits from education, work, and games, among other activities in the metaverse.

Users can experience the metaverse by creating an avatar which is an NFT. The avatar is Web 3.0-based, through which users receive secure and anonymous access to the metaverse. Each avatar is a part of the DAO that allows all users to have governance rights in the LunaOne metaverse. 

LunaOne provides hyper-real experiences through these avatars by face tracking, haptic and movement tracking suits, and more. Face tracking will allow avatars to see each other’s facial movements. On the other hand, haptic and tracking suits will let them feel the environment and see body movements. 

In addition, the project also features AR/VR access that allows deeper immersion in the metaverse. To achieve this, LunaOne is setting up a branded kit, Hype.vR, that will enable users to hear, see, smell, and touch what goes on in the metaverse.

Taking Decentralization a Notch Higher

LunaOne is diving deeper into the concept of decentralization. The project is a decentralized organization(DAO) that ensures decentralized decision-making. Users can make significant decisions regarding LunaOne. Both the foundation and community have equal chances to initiate DA proposals.

LunaOne also has decentralized file storage. Each user’s data forms the core value of the metaverse; hence the team first focused on developing decentralized and secure storage. Decentralized File Storage(DFS) allows all metaverse users to connect and store data by distributing and segmenting it, hence complete security. In addition, users can become storage nodes and provide hard disk space to earn.

The project also features decentralized in-verse communication. The team came up with a decentralized messenger inside the metaverse. Then, the communication between users will be stored in the DFS hence guaranteeing the security of personal data. The avatar can also receive messages offline because the communication is available both in the metaverse and in the separate messenger application. As an additional feature, users can create groups and channels with subscriptions or entry fees. 

Going Beyond the Metaverse to Attract more Folks

LunaOne is split into various districts where avatars can buy real estate and invite friends. The property will be in the form of NFT and have different classes and types that are customizable. Avatars can access new quests, change looks, invite friends, and participate in events through these properties. 

The project will also have separate locations for different events without connecting to third-party providers. Users will, however, be required to purchase the tickets using the XLN token. With the token, they can make in-game purchases, attend events, play, and competitions, among other things in the metaverse. 

The team hopes to attract businesses, NFT artists, and others beyond the metaverse avatars to benefit from these events. Meanwhile, LunaOne metaverse is accessible on Xbox, PS5, PC and has mobile access features.

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