Meta Music Studios launch ‘The Apollo Project’ gaming platform

Steve Gray, founder of Meta Music Studios, has launched ‘The Apollo Project’ – his first NFT project for newly-created ‘MusicVerse’.

The MusicVerse is where music lovers and gamers can intertwine their interests and discover, create, play and enjoy music and games.

Gray’s Apollo Project has introduced its next-generation blockchain-based dVerse, the decentralised metaverse, also known as a Decentralised Online Entertainment (DOE) platform.

The dVerse will host entertainment products focusing on music and games that will incorporate free-to-play games as well as an NFT-based play-to-earn market, combining to create a new genre in free-to-earn games.

The first batch of NFTs of the Apollo Project will be available for sale by the end of the month.

Steve Gray said, after years of watching the metaverse develop, now was the time to make his move and launch The Apollo Project for the MusicVerse.

“I have been watching the metaverse for years as the market developed, but now there is definitely a hot market opportunity and I’m excited to create the new MusicVerse which will become a world for entertainers and entertainment,” he said.

“Today the metaverse is home to the newest blockchain-based games which are on a fast trajectory, estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of as much as 25 to 30%, three to four times the growth rate of the traditional, and mature, games market.”

The likes of Splinterlands, a blockchain-based collectible card game, has been the most popular NFT-based play-to-earn card game for six months running and demonstrates the type of growth Gray talks about regarding the ever-increasing popularity of blockchain-based games.

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