Sponsored Mythia NFT finds most profitable opportunities, says co-founder

Mythia, an NFT which helps investors find early and profitable opportunities by discovering underpriced NFTs, is now tracking which upcoming projects are gathering momentum, or what ‘NFT whales’ are doing in real time.

Speaking to Coin Rivet, Mythia’s co-founder Derek Pankaew said the team gathers intelligence from the most exclusive and expensive NFT discords, in order to summarise where the most profitable opportunities are.

“You also get a suite of powerful software tools, from rarity sniping to whale trade tracking,” he explained.

Pankaew added the purpose of Mythia’s NFT was to give users lifetime access to all current tools and future updates.

“Each NFT also comes with a sleek cyberpunk profile picture,” he added.

He also said Mythia was being backed by Y Combinator – the founders of Tinder and NerdWallet – and many of Silicon Valley’s top investors.

New tools are added constantly

When talking about examples of intel a user might learn from Mythia, Pankaew highlighted:

  • whales who are planning to mint an upcoming project
  • 10x successful traders who just bought a project and believe the price will rise
  • a project that just announced it will issues a free token drop to all holders

According to Pankaew, Mythia NFT target-buyers are people who are actively investing in NFTs, and want to improve their profits and trading.

“We’ll keep adding new tools, including a portfolio tracker, NFT candlestick charts, and more,” he said.

“Long term, we intend to launch a decentralised exchange for NFT trading.”

Usually, NFT investors are loosing money and time by being in the ultra-exclusive Discord groups, where all the big decisions are made. Mythia said its NFT does this instead of them.

The team holds Bored Apes, CyberKongz, Proof Collective, JRNY, Doge Pound, and many other projects where intel is shared.

When talking about NFTs and Web3 future, Pankaew said he believes NFTs will find many more new use cases beyond art and gaming.

“It’ll be a new way of monetising products, building community, and all kinds of other uses we haven’t thought of yet,” he explained.

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