Shopify embraces NFTs with ‘Adam Bomb Squad’ purchase

Shopify has become the latest brand to jump into the non-fungible tokens space after unveiling its landmark NFT purchase – a ‘bomb’ from clothing brand The Hundreds ‘Adam Bomb Squad’ collection.

The e-commerce platform took to Twitter to show off the purchase and asked followers “did I do the profile pic thing right” – in reference to the popular trend on Twitter of changing your profile picture to your favourite NFT.

Shopify also changed their profile picture on Twitter to the coveted ‘hexagonal’ version, which displays details of the NFT and signals verifiable ownership of the asset.

The feature was welcomed with open arms earlier this week by the NFT-crazed ‘Crypto Twitter’ community thanks to its ability to discern ‘real’ NFT holders from ‘right-click savers‘.

Shopify’s purchase Adam Bomb Squad #14707 marked the first of three purchases made over the past two days – including a ‘BudVerse Can‘ from Budweiser alongside a Janky from vinyl toy creators ‘SUPERPLASTIC‘ collection.

Shopify has previously embraced NFTs on its platform by allowing merchants to mint and sell their own branded digital collectables using its native Payments and storefront infrastructure.

Available as a beta program to US-based merchants that use Shopify Plus, it offers merchants the choice of popular blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Near and Flow alongside an array of payment options including Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, crypto payment gateways and credit/debit cards.

The platform has also previously partnered with Venly to introduce Polygon-based NFT minting and selling to Shopify whilst working with NBA team The Chigago Bulls to launch their debut NFT collection.

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