Steve Aoki launches NFT membership community dubbed the ‘A0K1VERSE’

Newly-converted NFT enthusiast and DJ Steve Aoki has unveiled his latest venture into the NFT and metaverse space – the A0K1VERSE.

The A0K1VERSE is a new ecosystem aiming to better bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 environments by rewarding NFT collectors through the creation of experiences for fans within the metaverse.

Built in partnership with NFT creator studio Manifold, the AoK1VERSE will be powered by ‘the Passport’ – a dynamic NFT that will, over time, become interoperable across multiple communities and create one of the first “truly portable NFT gateways to real-life, virtual and metaverse experiences”.

Aiming to unlock a series of on-chain and physical experiences for holders, the Passport will include free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to Aoki NFT releases, private events, metaverse experiences, free apparel and digital wearables.

The ‘Passports’ will also enable ‘citizens’ of the A0K1VERSE to access Passport-gated experiences including live events and virtual experiences within Aoki’s plot of land on leading metaverse platform The Sandbox.

Working as the A0K1VERSE’s ‘central functionality’, A0K1 Passports can be obtained by redeeming various amounts of ‘A0K1 Credits’ – a 25,ooo strong collection that will be airdropped to Steve’s existing NFT holders.

Steve Aoki AoK1VERSE NFT metaverse Coin Rivet

Steve Aoki has embraced the NFT and metaverse spaces by immortalising himself as a virtual avatar within The Sandbox

The ‘credits’ will allow users to upgrade their ‘Passports’ for increased rewards and will continue to become ‘increasingly personalised’ to holders as they participate and ‘level-up’ through engagement.

As an NFT owner and creator across projects like OddKey, which he founded with Todd McFarlane and a collector of NFTs like Doodles and Bored Ape Yacht Club, Steve Aoki knows how effective NFTs can be in building strong, devoted communities:

“Since I started my first company, Dim Mak, back in 1996 I have cared for, grown and embraced the concept of community. Now as we look at the future of what our community wants, I believe that the utility needs to be diverse, engaging, and evolving with culture,” the DJ said.

“This is where IRL meets meta – not just in my world but the many worlds I am a part of. Members will not only get access to my own projects but a wealth of friend and family NFT projects and real-world experiences.”

Aoki made his first venture into the metaverse through a plot of land dubbed ‘Aoki’s Playhouse‘ within The Sandbox as part of a larger initiative featuring fellow musician and NFT fan Snoop Dogg.

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