From Venezuela to the darker edges of the internet – we’ve covered it all

EDITORIAL PICKS: Darren Parkin talks us through some of the stories that made the headlines this week, and the reasons behind why you need to read them

The word “busy” doesn’t even begin to describe the Coin Rivet newsroom this week as we’ve delivered around 20 articles a day ranging from breaking news at the cutting edge of this space to a raft of new easy-to-use guides for the blockchain and crypto community.

It’s been a hell of a ride thanks to the hard work of our tireless journalists and wider team involved in making us, I honestly believe, the very best digital companion you could possibly need to hold your hand and walk you through this complicated industry.

There’s been laughter, shouting, jumping up and down, triumphant punching of the air, snarling at computer screens and lots of running about between departments as we give it our all to bring you the news. What a buzz it has been. But that’s what you get when you bring genuine journalism to this party – a real passion and desire to inform and entertain.

So let’s take a look at the stories that have had us smiling, nodding or even kicking the bin in the newsroom this week…

Venezuelan passports

First up, we’re off to Venezuela where a country which, were it not for the fact that people’s lives have been utterly destroyed by mismanagement, would be considered a joke by the rest of the world.

Why does this story matter?

Well, I’ve studied and written about Venezuela for many years and I can tell you this for free – no one has done anything to suspend the descent of this beautiful land into an appalling abyss.

Yet, here we are, seeing a glimpse of how blockchain and crypto is being used.

Now, many people – myself included – are staunch critics of the Petro and everything it stands for. But, as I said, no one has done anything. At least this is some sign, albeit a pathetic one, that someone is at least attempting something.

It won’t bring Venezuela back up off its knees, but it may just give people a small sense of being ahead of the game in a digital future.

And yes, I appreciate ‘pathetic’ is a strong word here, but nothing will always be nothing. At least a pathetic attempt at something is step in the direction of trying.

Ofcom blockchain fund

From South America, we head straight back to London where the UK’s telecommunications regulator Ofcom is exploring how blockchain can improve landline security.

Why is this an important story?

Simple, there’s a sense that widespread adoption of the technology we talk about every day is edging ever closer.

A couple of weeks ago, the UK Treasury held a series of investigations and committee meetings looking to see if blockchain and cryptocurrency were a viable part of Britain’s future. Then they closed the door. No indication of the outcome of the meetings other than a rumour that the old wigs behind the big wooden treasury desks thought there might be something in blockchain, but that crypto was all a bit silly.

However, the key to this story is that Ofcom is in fact a government-backed organisation. So if they’ve been handed cash to look into blockchain then it’s a sure sign that someone somewhere is, thankfully, taking this very seriously.

And let’s not beat about the bush here – the government hasn’t been given too much change from a million quid to carry out this Ofcom research.

A cynical worrywart

So, from some well-informed and educated research to… Nouriel Roubini.

Look, I’m a Yorkshireman, so I’m not going to dress this up in glitter and bows for you – Roubini is an absolute pilchard. He does my nut in and genuinely gets right on my wick. He’s a twisted naysayer with some opinions that belong in a cave.

And yet, this is a significant story. Why?

Because, no matter how much I want him to shut his trap and go away, he is actually very useful and important to the future of the very industry he seems to despise.

You see, we’re all involved here in the launch of a massive technology movement which, frankly, is still in the starting blocks.

If we didn’t have cynical worrywarts like Roubini constantly throwing their arguments against it then we’d have nothing to keep us in check. If he wasn’t around, we’d all be careering off in different directions as we advance something at a speed we can’t keep in check.

But if you have a mildly-irritating voice on your shoulder repeatedly telling you why you can’t make something work you endeavour to make it better and better to the point where it will succeed.

Does sex still sell?

Enough of Nouriel Roubini. Let’s look at how the world of blockchain and crypto is giving the swerve to the archaic notions of middle-aged men…

Interesting article from Coin Rivet CEO Sheba Karamat here as she eloquently highlights the appalling lack of taste by some in this industry who chose to objectify women for marketing and advertising.

There’s a great line in this piece – “Has anyone ever been moronic enough to buy a car – or anything for that matter – in the firm belief that women half their age and a third of their weight will suddenly begin flinging themselves at their feet the moment they reach for their keys?”

Simply glorious. Oddly enough, I was at that very exhibition – BlockchainLive at Olympia. It was one of the best shows of the year so far. 8/10 for effort and execution, in fact. Could almost have been 10/10 if it wasn’t for the fact some exhibitors thought half-dressed models was a good idea. Shame.

How low can YoBit go?

Next up is YoBit and the curiously random coin pump they suddenly announced on Thursday afternoon.

To be fair, as dodgy as it was, it certainly gave the Coin Rivet newsroom a shock and we all kicked into action.

We were the only news organisation to report it live with a story up on the site and a video as it happened. Pretty impressive stuff.

Also makes me wonder if we ought to take a few days off – you know, give all the others a chance to catch up and that.

We got the Power

Finally, the news week drew to a close with a marvellous interview with the one and only Thomas Power.

There are few people in this industry with the heritage, background and know how which Thomas possesses. Experience and knowledge go a long way, so when someone of his calibre lays down his thoughts, you really ought to listen.

That’s it for now, but, as we always say, news doesn’t take a break – and neither do we. We’ll still be bringing you a wealth of stories, features and guides right round the clock. So make sure you stick with us and have a great weekend.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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