FTX CEO comments on Solana and Avalanche

Sam Bankman-Fried spoke his mind on two of Ethereum's rivals

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of FTX, has been particularly complimentary of Solana and Avalanche – the two blockchains labelled as ‘Ethereum killers’.

The billionaire has long been a supporter of blockchain platform Solana, saying it could become the next Bitcoin due to its potential to scale to millions of transactions per second.

In the first episode of the ‘gm by Decrypt‘ podcast, the FTX CEO praised Solana’s courage and determination to scale on a considerable level.

It has done something that very few chains have even thought about trying to do, which is scale,” he said.

“They’re one of the only chains that has a real plausible path forward here in scaling to the level you would need to get to if you wanted industrial-scale usage.“

Bankman-Fried was similarly bullish on Avalanche, a smart contracts platform, and its future.

“It’s a real chain, it’s a cool chain, I think that there’s a world in which it gets absolutely huge,” he said.

The American has previously spoken out on Avalanche and its potential under Cornell computer science professor, Dr Emir Gun Sirer as he classed the platform as a project that has “real thoughts that have real reasons behind them”.

“That alone places [Avalanche] in the upper pantheon of tokens,” Bankman-Fried added.

“They’re in the very short short-list of L1 blockchains that seem to be ‘legit’.”

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