FTX teases potential Ethereum ‘blue-chip’ NFT listings on native marketplace

The 'mystery' projects were identified within seconds of the tweet being posted, leading to a wave of excitement

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has teased its followers with a cryptic tweet showing potential listings for leading Ethereum-based NFTs on its native NFT marketplace.

The collections teased include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, CryptoPunks and Cool Cats – said to be the leading ‘blue-chip’ collections out of the thousands of projects currently residing on Ethereum.

The four collections are currently the most popular ‘PFP’ (profile picture) NFTs available on the market due to their different visual appeals, access to Discord communities and the status that comes with holding one.

FTX’s native marketplace was revealed back in September and will enable creators and owners to trade their NFTs cross-chain using Ethereum and Solana.

It has since generated high expectations as it introduces the possibility of being able to trade the leading collections from OpenSea without high gas fees and additional costs by utilising the lower-cost Solana blockchain.

Support for leading Solana-based NFTs has also been teased previously too, with many in the space expecting the marketplace to be able to challenge OpenSea, which has faced recent issues and is seeing declining volume as NFTs cool down.

It’s also expected that the Coinbase NFT marketplace, which features Web3 integrations and an array of popular NFT projects, will pose a considerable challenge to OpenSea’s marketplace dominance.

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