Fuel Games announces rebrand to Immutable

Fuel Games has announced it will be rebranding to Immutable, as the company felt the old name "did a poor job encapsulating what we do"

Blockchain game development company Fuel Games has announced it will be rebranding as Immutable, according to the firm’s Medium blog page.

The move means that the Apollo platform will now be changing to the Immutable platform, while apollo.gg and fuelgames.io will be retired and consolidated into a single new website – immutable.com.

The reason behind the switch was because the company felt the old name “did a poor job encapsulating what we do”.

“We’re a big fish in a small pond, but we want that pond to grow, and in order to do that, the industry as a whole needs to evolve,” the blog post states.

Immutable goes on to provide details of some of the new tools it has been working on that will help make blockchain gaming a reality. These include:

  • The Immutable Marketplace – described as “a better way to trade digital assets”.
  • The Immutable Wallet – a way for players to store their assets with state-of-the-art security and recovery features.
  • Social tools to help players stay connected.
  • Streamer tools to fundamentally change the way influencers interact with their audiences.
  • Fiat payment functionality to eliminate the obvious friction non-crypto audiences face immersing themselves in the ecosystem.


Immutable notes how these tools are modular by design, meaning developers in the not-so-distant future will be able to incorporate them into their own games through its open software development kit (SDK).

The rebrand doesn’t mean that Immutable will be focusing any less on popular blockchain game Gods Unchained either. The company claims: “In fact, we’re aggressively expanding our development (for Gods Unchained).”

The only difference for Gods Unchained fans is that the game will now run on the Immutable Client and not the old Apollo Client.

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