Fundraising platform Tallycoin adds Lightning payments support

The zero fee fundraising platform has added support for the Lightning Network

The fundraising platform Tallycoin will now support donations made via the Lightning Network.

The platform includes crypto-based payment functionality for three major use cases: project fundraising, donations and a marketplace for freelance services.

A sole developer project

The platform was started in mid-2018 after a conversation with the project’s sole developer DJ Booth 007 and the youtube crypto content creator Madbitcoins.

In his own fundraising page, DJ Booth 007 said, “Knowing that fundraising is a great use-case for Bitcoin and many people were looking for a Patreon alternative, I jumped on the idea.”

Today DJ Booth 007 is raising donations to pay for the projects $120 a month server bills and also $30 a month to pay for his coffees.

Kickstarter, Patreon and Fivver all in one

Tallycoin is looking to take on a couple of industry heavyweights. Today Kickstarter, Patreon and Fivver all dominate their respective fields – but only with fiat based payment options today.

The platform will also match many of the features available on their competitor’s websites. This includes things like the ability to lock content behind a paywall (similar to Patreon) or incentivise donations via perks.

At the moment the service is also completely zero fee also with the website stating that “all donations go to your own bitcoin or lightning wallet that you control.”

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