G8C COO reveals plans to launch a stablecoin for the iGaming industry

Coin Rivet recently interviewed Juliet Adelstein, COO of G8C, to learn more about the company's upcoming stablecoin for the iGaming industry

During the recent Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, Coin Rivet interviewed the COO of G8C, Juliet Adelstein, to learn more about the company’s foray into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with the planned launch of a stablecoin.

The team at G8C were incredibly hospitable, friendly, and professional. My colleague and I visited the G8C stall several times before interviewing Juliet, and each time we were greeted with beaming smiles and all-round good conversation.

Juliet was well-spoken, professional, and knew exactly what she wanted to say, making the interview a genuine pleasure.

G8C and the Ganapati Group 

G8C is part of the Ganapati Group, which Juliet informed us has been incorporated since 2014/15 and is highly established in the iGaming space.

G8C itself is a blockchain platform that has been around since October 2018, making this side of the business relatively new – though G8C is set to hit the ground running.

“The Ganapati Group is originally an online slot provider,” Juliet tells us. “We make Japanese-style games for the online casino world. We saw a gap in the market and a problem with trust and that the users of the casino didn’t trust the casino sites.

“Now what provides trust? Transparency. And what provides transparency? Blockchain. Our solution was to build a blockchain platform that our online casino would sit on top of.”

Commenting on the well-established nature of the Ganapati Group, Juliet revealed: “I think that’s what allows us to be able to experiment a little bit more and challenge the status quo on what’s happening in the iGaming industry. We are already stable, we’re already established, and it means we have this stability backing our G8C project.

“That also provides investors with a bit more stability and reassurance that they’re backing something that’s not just an idea and has full force behind it – I think that’s really played to our advantage, and it also means we have a bit more room to be creative with our marketing and with our branding.”

This extra room and added stability means that if there’s a hiccup on the blockchain side of the business and G8C tries something new which doesn’t work, it is not the end of the company because it can rely on the profits and income from the iGaming side.

“We can push the boundaries and really take the leaps and the steps that we need to create something perfect,” adds Juliet.

The G8C stablecoin

In conjunction with its blockchain platform, Juliet revealed that G8C has plans to launch its own stablecoin, which will be, to borrow Juliet’s words, “the first brand-new stablecoin for the iGaming industry”.

Though creating a stablecoin does not come without inherent challenges, and one particular challenge for G8C has been cultural differences.

“We’re a Japanese-founded company, but whilst the iGaming side is very influenced by the Japanese – the games and all the creatives and everything are done by our team in Japan, with ex-Nintendo and Konami designers and things like that – the blockchain side is a very European-driven project,” reveals Juliet.

“Now with that comes some cultural differences. I’m not just talking languages and things like that, but just the entire way of thinking of how business is done and what a company is and how you interact with each other, and so that’s been my major role – sort of bridging the gap between Asia and Europe.

“It took us some time and there were some hiccups along the way, and we lost our ground a couple of times, but at the moment now I think we’re one of the few companies that actually can do what we’re doing, and I think that makes us stand out from other companies in the industry and in many industries, to be honest.”

When quizzed on her biggest challenge yet at G8C, Juliet explained how – particularly in Malta – regulation can often be troublesome in the sense that it can change by the day.

“It’s this balance of trying to do something first but also trying to really regulate and follow the rules. What that means is that things can change day by day on what’s required and what’s expected, so you might have put a months’ worth of effort into something that a day later is flipped and you’re told that it’s not going to be allowed anymore.

“We’re constantly having to change direction even just as a company internally, but for that to be affected so consistently by outside forces, that’s been something that’s been challenging, but also it’s so exciting to be part of this movement and to be the first people doing this and to be an instigator of change – so whilst it’s a challenge, it’s definitely more on the exciting side of things.”

Upcoming renovated white paper 

The team at G8C knows how to market its product correctly, with Juliet informing Coin Rivet: “We’ve actually just finished our G8C world tour, so we’ve been all around Asia and Europe, and the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is sort of the final step for this half.

“We were lucky enough to win marketing campaign of the year last night at the awards – our marketing campaign being the G8C world tour – which was really an exciting feeling for us to have been justified in the decisions we made and knowing we did this correctly, we made an impact, and we didn’t just do it for ourselves.”

With the world tour having finished, G8C now has its sights set on fine tuning its technical aspects and will be releasing a “completely renovated and re-done white paper” alongside a yellow paper in the coming weeks. Though Juliet admits the translation side of the renovation has kept her locked away in her bedroom, she is still incredibly excited for the papers to be released.

Juliet finished our interview by explaining G8C is currently open to private investors, and once all the relevant regulations by the MFSA are in effect, it will be opening its doors to the world.

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